Dr Athanansios Christopoulos, Plastic Surgeon

Half of the success in Plastic Surgery is the result of both objective and complete information. The availability of information via the World Wide Web it constitutes, in my opinion, one of the best ways to navigate through and study every single entity of our practice.

What a Plastic Surgeon needs, in order to perform his task in an optimal manner, is well informed people.

This is why a Plastic Surgeon is addressing, through a web-page, to all those who are searching for information for plastic surgery procedures, hoping that he is adding one more minor stone to what all Plastic Surgeons we must build, namely: the objective information that is to be passed on either at a personal level within our premises or using other mass-media such as the World Wide Web.

Whatever aesthetic, plastic surgery you are planning to undertake, you should know that all the procedures are not suitable to all patients, even if they seem to have the same problem to correct. Accurate information will help you to find out which procedure will have the best outcome for you and how to find the plastic surgeon who matches your expectations. No matter which procedure you choose, you need to be informed for the steps you should follow in order to have the best possible result

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